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10 Lessons To Survive The Horse Show Circuit

1. RV fire in Gulfport: We had an electrical fire and totaled an RV three days into a two week stint at the Gulfport show. Instead of visiting the beach like we had planned, we instead went from motel to motel and took whatever room they had until we had to leave to accommodate their reservations. We lived out of plastic bags filled with tack and clothes that smelled like smoke. Despite this setback, my daughter was a champion that weekend. We stayed focused on our work and problem solved the rest moment by moment. I think she became a pro at working under adverse conditions.

Lesson: Roll with the punches and move on.

2. Nationals 2003: Both the rider and horse did very well, received many ribbons, and was named reserve champion for her division. There was an awards ceremony, pictures, and a very excited kid and trainer who had made it to a goal. Two months later as we were reading the Chronicle of the Horse, we were amazed to see someone else listed as the reserve champion for her division. Does anyone inform us at the show or call to say there was a mistake in the interpretation of the rules? Nope, we had to read it a magazine. When we called to find out what happened, the response we received is that we should “get a life”, as it’s not their responsibility to tell us they took away a reserve champion from the NHS.

Lesson: Life is unfair and that adults do not always act responsibly, rules are unimportant, and your connections and who you are is more important than playing by the rules.

3. Ambulance takes daughter out of the ring on a backboard: Yes, my daughter had the great fall. She took a distance long at 3’6″ and then crashed with both rider and hollister horse going down. Her neck snapped and she was unconscious, but she came to thinking she is in the roundpen at home. She had no memory of crash and we called the ambulance for a ride and afternoon at the hospital. Thank goodness for helmets with back piece for the neck. She had a MRI and CAT scans and was fine, and she even walked out of hospital on pain medication and rode a flat glass the next day.

Amazingly enough, we never heard from the horse show office or the officials. We went to sign out and they wanted her ribbons and money back because she did not finish the division. We then encountered a steward who lectured me on division rules. I did not disagree with him, but was simply stunned at office’s response and speechless at their tone.

Lesson: Do not send calm but shaky mother to check out an accident. There’s a new rule needed when kids fall off their horse and nearly kill themselves. You need time, care, and practice to come back from a bad accident.

4. Major year end EQ class: We leased a horse and practiced for months to try to rebuild my daughter’s riding confidence. We also took up EQ, won medals classes and all was going well. The big EQ final class was down to the top five. My daughter was not called back for top three. Her ride was beautiful and she, along with her trainer and others at the gate, were surprised that she wasn’t in the top three. We decided it would be helpful to get some feedback from the judge, as we assumed she must have made a major mistake that no one saw.

We found the steward and got permission to speak with judge when show was over. The judge took my daughter aside, looked at her score sheet and told my daughter that she simply overlooked her despite the fact that she was top in the class but her score was overlooked when the finalists were called. My daughter was sworn to secrecy and could only tell us (her parents) and her trainer that the judge made a mistake. Wow, months of preparation go down the drain. The judge was honest and we appreciated that. We did need this show for her college tape, so we didn’t call attention to the situation. However, no one offered to reimburse our money (I guess this was much too high an expectation on my part). We honored the judge’s request, kept our mouth shut, and moved on.

Lesson: Judges make mistakes. We need to focus on the fact that we are riding for the best ride and not ribbons/trophies.

5. Teamwork and partnership replace normal mother teen daughter relationship at the shows. We have developed a way of working together that has laid a foundation for our adult relationship. We each had our roles and job description, and it only worked successfully when we d hollister id our jobs. My role was her partner driving, grooming, holding horses, and providing a safe horse and a solid trainer.

6. Let the trainer and the daughter work as a team. Parents need to stay out of the training, even if you showed as a kid and think you know as much as the trainer. You are hiring a professional, so let them do their job. If you feel you must speak with the trainer, have the conversation in private away from the kids and the ring. I developed the habit that once they left the barn, I stayed a safe distance away in the schooling area and at the ring. I never stood at the gate but on the side to give them their space to work, and I stayed out of the way.

7. You are not the customer. I finally realized that I was not the real customer for the horse show managers and secretaries. The real customer is the trainer, who is the person who picks the horse shows and classes, brings multiple horses and riders, and is someone with whom they feel they more comfortable negotiating.

Even though I may pay the bill, at the end of the day the show managers do not treat me like the customer. This is the only situation I can think of where I spend thousands of dollars and am not the real customer. Once I adopted this mindset, I saw the picture of my place in the show world.

8. Judging is political and can be unfair. There are too many situations where the judges buy, sell, train or do business with other trainers. hollister It is just the way it is in the show world. I do not see any way of fixing this it is just a fact that you have to deal with that. Help your rider focus on the best ride and the experience rather than the politics of what trainer is at the ring, who knows what judge, etc.

9. Parents focus too much on winning and put pressure hollister on the kids and the trainers to perform for the ribbons. I have watched parents stand at the gate yelling at kids during a class, recounting points with the gatekeeper, putting down judges, and giving a tough time to their trainers. At Nationals I remember one mom who yelled at a kid during a flat class while only five feet from the judge. Another mother publicly told her child that she would never show again if she couldn’t win. Kids and trainers are working with horses, not robots, and it takes a combined effort of the rider, horse and trainer for it all to work together. We as parents really need to watch ourselves and the impression and tension we create at shows. Our focus should be on the ride done to the best of our rider’s ability that day.

10. Kids need to be held up to a standard of sportsmanship. They may be individually competing against each other, but there is no excuse for rudeness, lack of common courtesy to the trainer, the horse, and other competitors and parents. I have shared our golf cart with many crying mothers who just had a rude exchange with a teen daughter. Maybe we do too much for them and make horse showing a right instead of a privilege. I don’t have the answer to that, but we need to role model sportsmanship.

Would I do it again? Absolutely yes, as my daughter gained confidence, learned to set goals, discovered that hard work can help you achieve those goals, and developed the discipline it takes to be an athlete.


10 Legal Uses For Your Marijuana Seeds

Impress your friends with your fine collection of rare cannabis seeds by putting them on display. I personally have a collection of 127 marijuana seeds, each one lovingly laid out on its own plush red cushion in a glass display case. Not only do they show you to be the expert collector you are, but they make great conversation starters.

2. An Expensive Form of Birdseed

If you’re in a country where the purchasing of cannabis seeds is legal, then there’s no reason not to feed them to your birds. Hemp is a common component of seed mixes for birds, and many report that our feathered friends will eat the cannabis seeds first. It’s no surpris hollister e when you consider how full of nutrients the humble marijuana seed is each one is packed with magnesium rich chlorophyll and protein, making it a nutritious and easy to digest treat. In 1937 when the bird seed companies testified before congress regarding the legalities of marijuana seeds, they are reported to have stated that “canaries won’t sing without it”.

A rainstick is a long hollow tube filled with beads of beans. When the stick is held up, all the filling fall down, and creates a sound like heavy rain falling. If you have enough cannabis seeds lying around, why not try your hand at constructing your own? Wholesome fun which is resolutely not illegal!

4. Make a Rattle for an Infant

If that doesn’t work (which it won’t), consider scaling down your aims and constructing a rattle. Simply drop a handful of cannabis seeds into an empty matchbox, securely fasten it shut and attach a pencil for a rattle on a budget.

5. Bring the Spirit of Summer with Miniature Boulles

Missing boulles on the lawn and the spirit of summer? Why not recreate the fun of boulles with your cannabis seeds. Paint each seed the colour you want, and then recreate the skilled sport of the elderly in your own living room.

Economically speaking, times are hard and getting the money together for Christmas presents can be tricky. Although not the cheapest seeds, a bag of marijuana will still provide one seed each for all your family and friends and when they see all of the novel, fun and, best of all, legal things they can do with their gift, they’re sure to offer you their sincere and whole hearted thanks.

7. Leave a Trail to Find your Way Around

Hansel and Gretel had the right idea they left a trail of breadcrumbs in the woods to find their way out. Of course it backfires on them when the b hollister readcrumbs are eaten which is why using cannabis seeds to find your way works best indoors. You should also make sure only to use them on white surfaces so they really show up clearly. Still, if you’re ever lost in a white floored palace, then you could use your cannabis seeds for navigation I suppose.

8. Make Some Fine Cannabis Seed Art

Many of those who claim cannabis should be grown illegally point to the fine art that has been created by those using the ‘high’ of the finished drug. But kids, you don’t need to be high to make great art try using the seeds themselves! You can paint the seeds and make them into a mosaic or a mural!

9. Make Yourself a Comfy Be hollister anbag

Beanbags hollister typically have thousands of polystyrene balls inside, but why not put your cannabis seeds to good use and fill a beanbag with them? Sure, it will cost a few thousand pounds more than buying polystyrene balls, but a beanbag full of cannabis seeds (probably) feels a lot more comfortable and you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing yours is indefinably better.

10. Guess the Number of Marijuana Seeds in the Jar

A great way of recouping some of your losses on the marijuana seed beanbag is to put your remaining seeds in a jar, and have a competition amongst your friends over who can guess the correct number. If you put the price to play high enough, you could even make a profit on your comfy, comfy beanbag.


10 lbs of russet potatoes at walmart 1

In January 1997, Master Lock announced that, after 75 years making locks in Milwaukee, it would begin importing more products hollister from Asia. Not too long after, Master Lock opened a factory of its own in Nogales, Mexico. Today, it makes just 10% to 15% of its locks in Milwaukee its 300 employees there mostly make parts that are sent to Nogales, where there are now 800 factory workers.

It’s Wal Mart in the role of Adam Smith’s invisible hand. And the Milwaukee employees of Master Lock who shopped at Wal Mart to save money helped that hand shove their own jobs right to Nogales. Not consciously, not directly, but inevitably. “Do we as consumers appreciate what we’re doing?” Larrimore asks. “I don’t think so. But even if we do, I think we say, Here’s a Master Lock for $9, here’s another lock for $6 let the other guy pay $9.”

With the Walmart effect, we all save money. But there is a consequence to that action. In the future, we are inevitably going to lose that income that we are currently saving.

well 99 cents is good too but 1.25 is lowest I’ve seen for the last 6 months. I love potato and this is my lucky days I think. next would be corns, now 4 for 1.00 is expensive, I’m waiting on 8 10 for a dollar then I’ll call that a deal

it may take you 2 min but my car can get their in 5 I live 1/2 mile from wal mart.

how convenient! yea their everywhere, sometime you will only appreciate wal mart if their is no shopping place that is as convenient as they are.

car battery for 29.95 is a steal too imho. my dad would pay like 80.00 for battery at an autopart that didn’t last longer then a year, at least this one last 2 3 years

I wouldn’t buy computer stuff at walmart thought they just are overpriced like best buy

for 56k mo hollister dem, I can ge hollister t online for 6.00 shipped, thats damn good. walmart? 29.95 plus hollister taxes

I love potato just like I love chicken. I ate chicken for my whole life since I was 1 years old. some will get sick of potato after a day, some does not. I am that kind, that never get sick of stuff I am obsessed with. Just like I am obsessed with computers, computers just sucks for some but great for others who love it.

potato is extremely healthy, the more you eat the heathier you are. It gives you the energy need to work out as well. You just have to know how to cook it properly is all.

why do so many eat potato chips, when home made french fries is 100 times heathier? lazyness? baked potato is good too but I prefer cruncy fries, taste better.


10 lakh seized from Sampark Kranti Express

Seventy bags of banned chewing tobacco products worth Rs.10 lakh were seized from the parcel van of Sampark Kranti Express in an early morning raid conducted by the Food Safety Wing officials at Madurai Railway Junction on Saturday. and waited for the train.

As soon as the Nizamuddin Madurai Sampark Kranti Express arrived, the team, led by J. Suguna, Designated Officer for Food Safety, Madurai district, began searching for the parcel bags in the luggage coach and found the chewing tobacco products.

were no names of persons who sent them or to whom they were supposed to be delivered in Madurai. We are enquiring about it with the help of Railway Police, she said.

Four Food Safety Officers V. Raja, S. Ramesh, L. K. Muralidharan and K. Saravanan carried out the search along with the Railway Police and police personnel from Karimedu station.

Dr. Suguna said the Food Safety and Drug Administration Department had been conducting inspections ever since the State Government had banned chewing tobacco products.

was the first time that we had conducted raid on a train in Madurai. The seizure gave us suspicion that some bulk purchases are happening here despite the ban, she said.

Collector and top railway officials were informed of the seizure of tobacco products. Railway police are investigating the matter.

Similarly, 10 parcels of chewing tobac hollister co products, weighing over 500 kg and worth about Rs.6 lakh, were found unclaimed at the railway station in Virudhunagar on Saturday.

M. Kavikumar, Designated Officer, Di hollister strict Food Safety Wing, told The Hindu that the Railway Police alerted that 10 bags containing sachets of the banned product arrived by the Mysore Tuticorin Express.

The parcels were addressed to one Mani of Mahatma Gandhi Road in Madurai.

He said the co hollister nsignee must have found the situation not conducive for collecting the parcels in Madurai and let them go to Virudhunagar. Investigation was on to check the veracity of the address, he said.

Samples would be sent to the laboratory in Tirunelveli district to check whether the consignment was free from tobacco and nicotine, as stated on the parcels. If the claim was hollister true, it would be handed over to the claimant. Otherwise, action would be taken as per rules, said Mr. Kavikumar.


10 Killer Internet Marketing Ways To Multiply Your Sales

When you make your first sale, follow up with the customer. You could follow up with a “thank you” email and include an advertisement for other products you sell. You could follow up every few months.

Hello, do you have a website and sell something o the internet?

1. When you make your first sale, follow up with the customer. You could follow up with a “thank you” email and include an advertisement for other products you sell. You could follow up every few months.

2. You could upsell to your customers. When they at your order page, tell them about a few extra related products you have for sale. They could just add it to their original order.

3. Tell your customers if they refer four customers to your website, they will receive a full rebate of their purchase price. This will turn o sale into three sales.

4. When you sell a product, give your customers the option of joining an affiliate program so they can make commissions selling your product. This will multiply the sale you just made.

5. Sell the reprint/reproduction ri hollister ghts to your products. You could include an ad o or with the product for other products you sell. You could make sales for the reproduction rights and sales o the back end product.

6. You could cross promote your product with other businesses products in a package hollister deal. You can include an ad or flyer for other products you sell and have other businesses selling for you.

7. When you ship out or deliver your product, include a coupon for other related products you sell in the package. This will attract them to buy more products from you.

8. Send your customers a catalog of add on products for the original product they purchased. This could be upgrades, special services, attachments, etc. If they enjoy your product they will buy the extra add ons. hollister r>
9. Sell gift certificates for your products. You make sale hollister s from the purchase of the gift certificate, when the recipient cashes it in. They could also buy other items from your website.

10. Send your customers free products with their product package. The freebies should have your ad printed o them. It could be bumper stickers, ball caps, t shirts etc.


10 items that should be in every green home’s kitchen

The dividing line between green living and homesteading is blurry, but probably exists somewhere between recycling and vermicomposting. Wherever you lie on that spectrum, a big part of living a greener lifestyle is doing what’s healthy for the planet and yourself. While truly living green means buying less stuff, there are some things worth buying (at least until you actually move to the homestead).

The following is a list of items, some of them more essential and some less, that should be in every green home’s kitchen:

1. Reusable bulk bags: These are simple cloth bags with drawstrings used instead of plastic bags for your produce and bulk items like flour, beans and nuts. Obviously, they are less useful if your local grocery store has an impoverished bulk section, but many food co ops and natural markets have pretty robust bulk sections. These bags are often made from natural materials and can be reused indefinitely. You get extra points for sewing your own bags or re purposing other cloth bags.

2. Canning jars: I think of canning jars as the backbone of a sustainable kitchen. They range in useful sizes from pints to gallons and are great for dry and wet food storage, sprouting (if you don’t have a dedicated sprouting device), canning and fermenting everything from kombucha to kimchee. Available at your local hardware store or food co op.

3. Sprouting device: I’ll be honest: When I sprout, I keep the operation simple with a bowl or jar. But there are also commercial devices made especially for sprouting which you may find in a green kitchen’s pantry. Why sprout your own? It maximizes the nutrition of the foods you already eat and is way cheaper than buying sprouts.

4. Gallon crock: One of the telltale signs that you’re really walking the walk is that you’ve got a nice earthenware crock for fermenting hollister your CSA vegetables. Lacto fermentation enhances vegetable nutrient value and shelf life and uses about zero energy resources, compared to canning or freezing, which both require energy (either heat or electricity). You can occasionally pick up old crocks from yard sales, thrift stores or antique shops (check for cracks). Harsch makes the most functional crocks, if you don’t mind spending more than 100 bucks a pop.

5. Miso paste: Why, out of all the foods out there, is miso so special? First of all, because it’s so tasty and healthy. How tasty? Tasty enough that foods such as miso have their own secret flavor category (other than sweet, salty, sour and bitter) called umami. How healthy? Miso is probiotic, aids digestion, is a great source of vitamins and minerals, reduces risk of some cancers, is high in antioxidants and protects against radiatio hollister n. To ferment it yourself could take a couple years, but to cook it takes about the same time as a Cup O Noodles, which we could call the anti miso.

6. Coconut oil: Once shunned by the health conscious because of faulty information, coconut oil is making a big comeback. It’s versatile (the best vegan butter replacer) and tastes great. And compared to refined cooking oils (which are extracted with high heat and chemicals like hexane), coconut oil is much more gentle on the environment. It also makes a great skin moisturizer and salve.

7. Rapadura: It’s sugar. Why is sugar in the green pantry? Well, no doubt you already buy sugar in one form or other, so why not buy the greenest sugar out there? Rapadura is unrefined sugar with all of its vitamins and minerals still intact. Refined sugar, on the other hand, goe hollister s through a process involving chemicals such as sulfur dioxide, lime, phosphoric acid and bleaching agents. Yeah, rapadura looks like dirt, but it’s just dried sugar cane juice (not to be confused with “evaporated cane juice,” which is just refined sugar).

8. Dr. Bronner’s 18 in 1 Castile Soap: Use it for body wash, dish soap, shampoo, laundry, tooth brushing and more. Unlike most “soaps” on the market, it’s biodegradable, so you can even take it camping and wash your dishes in the river.

9. A good cutting board: A good cutting board is like a badge of honor. It shows that you value your food and that you’re buying those vegetables fresh from the farmers market (not pre chopped at the supermarket). A good cutting board is one solidly built and made out of renewable wood. Extra points if it’s made by a craftsman rather than by a multinational corporation.

10. “The Encyclopedia of Country Living” If you’ve got this book in your kitchen, you are well on your way to crossing the green living/homesteading threshold. It’s the bible of DIY skills, from baking bread to churning butter to building a chicken coop. Make sure it’s left on the counter as a conversation starter.

Some other nonessential items hollister (but for which you get major green living cred): A grain mill, dehydrator, beer carboys (used to make your own beer) and your own oil extractor for producing fresh vegetable oils.


10 inventions that owe their success to World War One

1. Sanitary towels.

A material called Cellucotton had already been invented before war broke out, by what was then a small US firm Kimberly Clark. The company head of research, Ernst Mahler, and its vice president, James, C Kimberly, had toured pulp and paper plants in Germany, Austria and Scandinavia in 1914 and spotted a material five times more absor hollister bent than cotton and when mass produced half as expensive.

They took it back to the US and trademarked it. Then, once the US entered the war in 1917, they started producing the wadding for surgical dressing at a rate of 380 500ft per minute.

But Red Cross nurses on the battlefield realised its benefits for their own personal, hygienic use, and it was this unofficial use that ultimately made the company fortune.

“The end of the war in 1918 brought about a temporary suspension of K C wadding business because its principal customers the army and the Red Cross no longer had a need for the product,” the company says today.

So it re purchased the surplus from the military and created a new market.

“After two years of intensive study, experimentation and market testing, the K C team created a sanitary napkin made from Cellucotton and fine gauze, and in 1920, in a little wooden shed in Neenah, Wisconsin, female employees began turning out the product by hand,” the company says.

The new product, called Kotex (short for “cotton texture”), was sold to the public in October 1920, less than two years after the Armistice.

2. . and paper hankies

Marketing sanitary pads was not easy, however, partly because women were loath to buy the product from male shop assistants. The company urged shops to allow customers to buy it simply by leaving money in a box. Sales of Kotex did rise but not fast enough for Kimberly Clark, which looked for other uses for the material.

In the early 1920s, CA “Bert” Fourness conceived the idea of ironing cellulose material to make a smooth and soft tissue. With much experimentation, facial tissue was born in 1924, with the name “Kleenex”.

3. Sun lamp

In the winter of 1918, it estimated that half of all children in Berlin were suffering from rickets a condition whereby bones become soft and deformed. At the time, the exact cause was not known, although it was associated with poverty.

Continue reading the main storyHow WW1 changed medicine

A doctor in the city Kurt Huldschinsky noticed that his patients were very pale. He decided to conduct an experiment on four of them, including one known today only as Arthur, who was three years old. He put the four of them under mercury quartz lamps which emitted ultraviolet light.

As the treatment continued, Huldschinsky noticed that the bones of his young patients were getting stronger. In May 1919, when the sun of summer arrived, he had them sit on the terrace in the sun. The results of his experiment, when published, were greeted with great enthusiasm. Children around Germany were brought before the lights. In Dresden, the child welfare services had the city street lights dismantled to be used for treating children.

Researchers later found that Vitamin D is necessary to build up the bones with calcium and this process is triggered by ultraviolet light. The undernourishment brought on by war produced the knowledge to cure the ailment.

Child receiving sun lamp therapy in the 1920s

4. Daylight saving time

The idea of putting the clocks forward in spring and back in autumn was not new when WW1 broke out. Benjamin Franklin had suggested it in a letter to The Journal of Paris in 1784. Candles were wasted in the evenings of summer because the sun set before human beings went to bed, he said, and sunshine was wasted at the beginning of the day because the sun rose while they still slept.

A county border in South Dakota marking one of several time zones in the US

Similar proposals were made in New Zealand in 1895 and hollister in the UK in 1909, but without concrete results.

Continue reading the main storyInnovation in Britain

It was WW1 that secured the change. What started in Germany as a means to save coal for heating and light quickly spread to other countries.

Bri hollister tain began three weeks later on 21 May 1916. Other European countries followed. On 19 March 1918, the US Congress established several time zones and made daylight saving time official from 31 March for the remainder of WW1.

Once the war was over, Daylight Saving Time was abandoned but the idea had been planted and it eventually returned.

5. Tea bags

The tea bag was not invented to solve some wartime problem. By common consent, it was an American tea merchant who, in 1908, started sending tea in small bags to his customers. They, whether by accident or design, dropped the bags in water and the rest is history. So the industry says.

But a German com hollister pany, Teekanne, did copy the idea in the war, and developed it, supplying troops with tea in similar cotton bags. They called them “tea bombs”.


10 Interesting Facts About Tea

As a very proud Englishman, I know that it is tea rather than blood that flows through my veins and that it a very rare day indeed when I don’t pop the kettle on the stove for a nice strong “cuppa” to fortify me through a long day of work.

Although I was disappointed not to be asked to judge this particular battle in Kitchen Stadium, I was just as keen as everyone else to see what magic Iron Chef Forgione and his challenger, Chef Kittichai could come up with to give inspiration on new ways to use one of my own kitchen essentials.

1. The word tea comes from the Chinese T’e, which was the word in the Amoy dialect for the plant from which tea leaves came. In Mandarin, the word was ch’a, which is where the words char and chai are derived from.

2. Tea (except herbal teas, which are not really tea at all) is made from the Camellia sinensis plant. Black tea, green tea and oolong tea are all made from leaves plucked from the same tea bushes, but they undergo different processes to provide specific styles of beverage. Black tea is allowed to ferment, oolong is semifermented and green tea is unfermented. White tea is also unfermented and comes from the same bush, but is taken from the unopened buds of the tea bush.

3. It was at first considered a tonic, however, and used for medicinal purposes only.

4. Tea is believed to have arrived in Europe thanks to a Portuguese Jesuit priest named Jasper de Cruz. He visited China in 1590 when Portugal was granted trading privileges with the country and was allowed to bring some of the plants he discovered with him when he returned home.

5. Until the 19th century, nearly all tea was grown in China and its major export partner was Great Britain. As trade with China became more difficult, the British began to look for other areas to cultivate tea including regions of India (Assam and Darjeeling) and Africa (Kenya) and managed to begin cultivation by illegally smuggling plants out of China. These “new” areas remain some of the biggest producers of tea to this day.

6. Not surprisingly, China is still the biggest producer of tea and supplies nearly 29 percent of the world’s total, with India coming in a close second. You may be surprised by some of the other countries in the top 10 list with Iran, Vietnam, Turkey and even Argentina making appearances.

7. Though the Chinese grows the most tea, they are not the biggest consumers. At least not per capita. That would be the United Arab Emirates, whose citizens drink nearly 14 pounds of the stuff every year, putting them ahead of Morocco and Ireland residents. We Brits come in seventh and the United States ranks a lowly 69th in the top 100. Between us all, however, we manage to drink more than three billion cups a year, making tea the second most consumed beverage behind water.

8. It was the American Thomas Sullivan who accidentally invented the teabag when he sent out samples in small silk pouches to customers in 1904. They did not know to empty the cont hollister ents into the pot and added everything including the silk container. Sullivan saw this as an opportunity and began making ready to use tea bags out of gauze. Nowadays, the teabag is the by far the most popular way to make tea, with over 96 percent of the tea drunk in the United Kingdom being made in this fashion.

9. Though drinking all of the different types of tea is considered to be beneficial to one’s health, it is green tea that has the best reputation as a super food. Various studies have shown that drinking green tea may well be helpful in the fight against hea hollister rt disease, certain forms of cancer and diabetes as well as a valuable tool in the battle to lower cholesterol. Although some of the findings are disputed, few doctors would disagree that a cup of green tea every day does you goo hollister d.

10. The most expensive tea in the world is grown in the mountains of Ya’An in the Sichuan province of China. Workers fertilize the tea bushes using the waste from local pandas whose b hollister odies take in only a small amount of nutrients from the food they eat. The tea costs the equivalent of around $200 for a small cup.


10 Interesting Facts About Beaches In The Uk

2. Our coast hollister line is one of the most accessible in the world; wherever you live in the UK, you will be less than 2 hours drive from the coast. Few other countries can boast such ease of access. The furthest you can be from the sea is reckoned to be 73 miles, if you happen to live in Coton in the elms, Derbyshire!

3. The coastline of the UK is very long compared to other similarly sized countries; for example, our coastline is 3 and a half times longer than the coastline of Spain and 5 times longer than the coastline of France. Why head to Europe for sun kissed, golden beaches when they can all be found in the uk?

4. There have, historically, been up to 200 million day trips to the coast in a single year. That works out at more than 3 visits to the coast for every person in the UK. Needless to say, the beaches of the UK are hugely popular among the British population.

5. The UK contains some of the best beaches in the world for learning to surf; from Caswell Bay on the Gower Peninsula, to Sennen Cove in Cornwall. A popular surfing website lists a total of 47 beaches in the UK suitable for surfing. Furthermore, there are a number of excellent surf schools situated throughout the UK, from surf’s up, to the Quiksilver surf school.

6. The annual earnings from services at UK beaches over a year total up to a whopping 8 billion pounds. Figures from the tourism industry also indicate a 13% increase in spending by holiday makers between 2008 2009.

7. There are now 3 times the number of clean beaches in the UK than there were 25 years ago; and the figure continues to improve, through the hard work of the marine conservation society and other volun hollister teer organisations. Water cleanliness continues to improve, as well as safety measures at beaches all over the UK.

8. Torbay and the Isle Of Wight reputedly have the best beaches in the UK, each being presented with 14 awards this ye hollister ar.

9. Blackpool Pleasure Beach is not only the most popular beach resort in the UK; it is also the UK’s most popular attraction, nationwide, attracting 5.7 million visitors last year, beating the Tate Modern, with 800,000 visitors, into second p hollister lace.

10. The UK’s beaches are some of the best places to see amazing wildlife. A wide variety of birds, fish and even seals can be seen at numerous beaches around the UK’s coastline. In addition to this, over 1500km of coastline in England and Wales has been designated as heritage coastline; that is, an area with notable natural beauty of scientific interest.


10 Incredible Ways To Sell Your Products

Make your reader visualize they have already bought your product in your ad. Tell them what results they have gotten and how it makes them feel. They’ll already become emotionally att hollister ached before they buy.

2. Turn your ad into an article. It could be a story, or how to article. This will lead them into your ad without them knowing it’s an ad. They’ll already be interested when they get to your sales pitch.

3. Make sure you show your reader that they are getting a bargain. Tell them the usual price you sell your product for is $99. Then tell them if they order today they can buy it for $69.95.

4. Direct your ad headline to your target audience. Your readers will feel important and belong to a select group of people who buy your product. For example; “Attention! Accountants, Discover A New Way To Increase Your Client Base!”

5. Tell your reader how fast they can receive your product or service in your ad. Their buying decision may be based on how fast they can receive your product. They may need it by a certain deadline.

6. Use bullets to highlight your product or services benefits. are the key to selling anything, make them standout in your ad. You can use do hollister ts, dashes, or circles to highlight them.

7. Give a money back guarantee that surpasses a hollister normal one. Instead of the normal timed guarantee, give them extra back. Tell them they can keep the free bonus or give them double their money back.

8. Tell your reader they’ll receive hollister surprise bonuses. This’ll raise your reader’s curiosity and make them want to buy so they can find out what the surprise bonuses are.

9. Let your reader know this specific package will not be offered again. You must create urgency so people buy now. You may always sell the same product but not with the same bonuses or price.

10. Give them a couple tips in your ad that will help them with their problem. This will give your business credibility and gain your readers trust to buy your products or services.