200 dead cats found in shelter founder’s home

Speith ends surprising streak at Players ChampionshipJordan Spieth’s remarkable scoring streak finally came to an end on Sunday, but the .Sherwood pulls fan from the stands to act as managerTim Sherwood surrendered his last five minutes in charge of Spurs this season to .Off the boil Laois do enough to win over CarlowLaois 1 22 C af arlow 0 14 Laois gradually imposed themselves on Carlow to record their .23/05/2005 14:02:43Back to World HomeA woman who founded a “n af o kill” animal shelter was charged with health code and animal welfare violations after 200 dead cats were discovered rotting i af n rubbish bags in her backyard.Two hundred vermin infested cat corpses were stuffed into rubbish bags and apparently were going to be buried in a large hole that had recently been dug, said Sgt. Joseph Bierman of the state’s Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.The state agency is continuing to investigate what caused the cats’ deaths, SPCA spokesman Matt Stanton told The Star Ledger of Newark, New Jersey. Kess told reporters that all the cats died of natural causes.”I take very good care of them,” Kess told reporters. “People who know me know there’s no cruelty invo af lved.”The cats were discovered after neighbours complained about the stench.Kess, 56, is the founder and executive director of Kitty Kind, which runs one of New York City’s few no kill shelters.A longtime resident of Manhattan’s Greenwich Village neighbourhood, Kess moved to East Orange in July.


200 crore road project in Maharashtra

The project is for 4 laning of Yedeshi Aurangabad section of NH 211 from 100 km to 290.20 km in Maharashtra and will be executed as build operate transfer (BOT) on design build finance operate tran af sfer pattern under NHDP IV.”The estimated project cost of the company is approximat af af ely Rs 3,200 crore with construction period of 910 days. The concession period for the same is 26 years,” it added.IRB already has in its portfolio 4 laning of Solapur to Yedeshi section of NH 211 from start to 100 km.With the new project, the company will now be developing entire road length of 288 km from Aurangabad to Solapur, it further said.Moreover, the company has sought Rs 558 crore as Viability Gap Funding from NHAI for the pr af oject, IRB said.As on December 2013, the company had an order book of Rs 5,800 crore from the construction segment and post today’s announcement, it has increased to Rs 8,600 crore, the company said, adding that the orders have to be executed in the next three to four years.


200 cr contract in Tripura

The order comprises two combined cycle modules of 363.3 MW each, with the first block to be comp af leted in 42 months and the second in 45 months, a BHEL spokesman said. The order for the ga af s turbine based plant, to be installed at Pallatana in Udaipur district of Tripura, has been placed on BHEL by ONGC Tripura Power Company Limited, a joint venture of ONGC, IL and the Tripura Government af .It involves supply and commissioning of two fuel efficient advanced class frame 9FA gas turbines. On commissioning, the project is expected to transform the power scenario of the entire North East and act as a catalyst for rapid economic development of the region.BHEL’s scope of work envisages design, engine af ering, manufacture, supply, erection and commissioning of two frame 9FA gas turbine generator sets, two steam turbine generator sets and two heat recovery steam generators with state of the art controls and instrumentation, in addition to complete civil works and spares. This is the fifth order bagged by BHEL involving advance class frame 9FA gas turbines.


200 bags of waste are dumped by flytippers From The Argus

Broken furniture was among the rubbish dumped in Hangleton Way, Hove, earlier this week, close to the Downsman pub while up to 200 bags of garden af waste were dumped on a side road near to Waterhall playing fields in Brighton.

Hangleton and Knoll Conservative Councillor Dawn Barnett said: “Flytipping on this scale is absolutely disgraceful. Kick them out of Sussex and keep them out!!!!!I am at a miss indigatio, I am racking my old grey matter and I cant think for the life of me who you could possibly mean????????????One major group of suspects for this. Kick them out of Sussex and keep them out!!!!![/p][/quote]I am at a miss indigatio, I am racking my old grey matter and I cant think for the life of me who you could possibly mean????????????

Old Ale Man

Not a shred of evidence exists to associate this with the travellers who are currently encamped outside Wild Park. Their practise for the past three decades has af been to flytip openly close to their unlawful encampments because they know they can do it with virtual impunity. They’ve done it on 19 Acres, Wild Park, Stanmer Park, Hollingbury Park, Braypool Playing Fields, Green Ridge, Waterhall Playing fields and sundry other sites.
af r>This is unquestionably the work of local tradesmen and residents.

Not a shred of evidence exists to associate this with the travellers who are currently encamped outside Wild Park. Their practise for the past three decades has been to flytip openly close to their unlawful encampments because they know they can do it with virtual impunity. They’ve done it on 19 Acres, Wild Park, Stanmer Park, Hollingbury Park, Braypool Playing Fields, Green Ridge, Waterhall Playing fields and sundry other sites.

‘Anyone who witnesses fly tipping at either recycling points or at communal bins is asked to contact 01273 292929 providing as much information as possible, including time of the incident, licence number, description of vehicle number of people af involved.’


200 Bags Of Heroin At Uconn

STORRS A University of Connecticut freshman caught in a campus parking lot with 200 bags of heroin told undercover police who arrested him Tuesday night that selling drugs was the only way he could pay for collegePolice said they apprehended Stephen H. Laurencin, 19, of Hartford, and fellow student Alimahad A. Isa, 21, of West Hartford, in W lot on the northern edge of campus off Route 195. He asked the judge to set a high bail”There’s no justification . to poison your fellow citizens so you can gain an advantage,” Johnson saidIn the end, the judge increased Laurencin’s bail to $200,000 and ordered him back into court on May 12. Isa’s bail was set at $25,000, and he is due back in court April 30. Isa, a UConn junior who lives in Hicks Hall, told police that Laurencin paid him $30 to drive him from Hartford to UConnState police spokesman Lt. J. Paul Vance said Wednesday that the narcotics af af task force is still active in the area and working with UConn police”We’re still out there, and our people are still working in an undercover capacity in and about the campus,” Vance saidPolice and prosecutors say heroin does not have a big presence at UConn, although at least three young men have died of heroin overdoses on or near campus in recent yearsMost recently, a state resident visiting from another college died Dec. Ronald Blicher said there are relatively few investigations into heroin on ca af mpus”We have had a few, if that, per year in the last five years. We don’t just deal with it much,” Blicher said”The most prevalent drug we see abused on campus af is still marijuana,” he said.


200 Baggage Fees To Be Reimbursed

military personnel traveling in economy class can now check up to four bags for free (first class and business class military fliers can check five). And it says “we’re continuing to work with the soldiers [involved in this incident] individually to make this situation right for each of them.”

Our Original Post:

On their way home Tuesday from Afg af hanistan, Army Staff Sgts. Fred Hilliker and Robert O’Hair were not happy that they and some other soldiers had been charged $200 each because they each had four bags. The airline ended up collecting $2,800, according to the soldiers, meaning slightly less than half the 34 soldiers traveling in the group were charged. af

They thought the Army’s contract with Delta Air Lines allowed for four free bags. Delta said its contract allows for three free bags for soldiers flying in coach; four for those in first or business classes. af r>
“Good business model, Delta,” Hilliker says with a bit of bite in his voice in a video that’s been viewed about 171,000 times since he put it on YouTube Tuesday.

Well, that video got action.

Delta, while still pointing to the language in its contract as justification for the charges, says on its blog that:

af “We would like to publicly apologize to those service men and women for any miscommunication regarding our current policies as well as any inconvenience we may have caused. We are currently looking further into the situation, and will be reaching out to each of them personally to address their concerns and work to correct any issues they have faced.”


200 baggage fee for troops after YouTube video

The video was posted Tuesday and was viewed almost 200,000 times before it was removed by the person who put it up. By Wednesday afternoon, a Facebook page cal af led “Boycott Delta for Soldiers” had sprung up, and the airline was backpedaling and apologizing to the soldiers.

In the video, titled “Delta Airlines Welcomes Soldiers Home,” two Army staff sergeants say their unit was told it would cost $200 apiece to check a fourth bag on a Tuesday morning flight from the Baltimore Washington airport to Atlanta a total bill of more than $2,800.

The Defense Department typically reimburses such costs, which the soldiers may not have known. The soldiers made their displeasu af re known and the public relations damage to Delta was done.

In the vi af deo, one sergeant, Robert O’Hair, wearing a camouflage uniform and sitting inside the plane, says his fourth bag was a weapons case containing an M4 carbine rifle, a grenade launcher and a 9mm pistol that he had used in Afghanistan.

With a bite to his voice, the other sergeant Fred Hilliker of Allendale, Mich. af closes the video: “Good business model, Delta. Thank you. We’re actually happy to be back to America. God bless America. Not happy, not happy at all. Appreciate it. Initially, Delta apologized to the soldiers but didn’t change its policy. As the storm of online complaints about the incident grew, the airline said fourth bags will now be free for troops traveling in economy class and five bags will be free for those traveling in business class.


200 After Typhoon Slams Philippines

TACLOBAN, Philippines (CNN) After laying waste to huge swaths of the eastern Philippines, flattening houses and washing bodies into the water, Typhoon Haiyan is set to bring more devastation to Vietnam. (Credit: CNN)

National police and the military sent reinforcements Sunday to prevent looting in the hard hit city of Tacloban.

The store break ins were attributable to a severe lack of food. Relief efforts were hampered by heavy damage to the airport and trees and debris blocking roadways.
< af br>In signs of progress, the road to the airport was clear af ed Sunday and helicopters were making regular flights.

The government had counted 151 dead, 23 injured and five missing as of Sunday morning. More than 477,000 people were driven out of their homes.

Experts predicted that it will take days to get the full scope of the damage wrought by a typhoon described as one of the strongest to make landfall in recorded history.

the casualty figure will increase as we get more information from remote areas, which have been cut off from communications, said Tomoo Hozumi, UNICEF Philippines representative.

The casualties from the storm, which affected 4.3 million people in 36 provinces, occurred despite preparations that included the evacuation of more than 800,000 people, he said.

The National Risk Reduction and Management Council said more than 70,000 families were affected, and nearly 350,000 people were displaced inside and outside evacuation centers. Thousands of houses were destroyed, it said.

Tacloban suffered the greatest devastation, said Lt. Jim Aris Alago, information officer for navy central command. are numbers of undetermined casualties found along the roads. initially found more than 100 af bodies scattered on the streets of the coastal city.

expect the greatest number of casualties there, Alago said, adding that 100 body bags had been sent to the area. People were wading through waist high water, and overturned vehicles, downed utility poles and trees were blocking roads and delaying the aid effort.

Mobile services were down, and officials were relying on radios.

An additional 100 residents in this city of 220,000 were injured, said Capt.

Roofs and windows were blown off of and out of many of the buildings left standing.

But the speed of the storm which was clocked at 41 mph meant residents didn have to hunker down long. Many emerged Saturday from their homes and shelters and trekked through streets littered with debris to supermarkets, looking for water and food. Several bodies were found at a chapel; a woman wept over one.

National police sent 150 officers to Tacloban on Saturday night, and Director Alan Purisima said Sunday he was sending an additional 120 officers to the peace and restore law and order. military also sent a battalion of 500 to patrol the city.

Rescue crews were handing out ready to eat meals, clothing, blankets, medicine and water, Alago said.

Red Cross struggling to reach scene

The Philippine Red Cross succeeded in getting its assessment team in to Tacloban but af had not managed to get its main team of aid workers and equipment to the city, said Philippine National Red Cross Chairman Richard Gordon.

really are having access problems, he said.

The city airport was shut to commercial flights, and it would be three days before a land route was open, so organizers were considering chartering a boat for the 1 to 2 day trip, he said.

really is an awful, awful situation. on Leyte island, is the largest city in the Eastern Visayas Islands. It was an important logistical base during World War II and served as a temporary capital of the Philippines.

Some hospitals on Leyte were destroyed, the official Philippines News Agency reported, adding that the Department of Health had sought help from the World Health Organization.


20 Wedding Favors

It can be hard to choose favors for your guests. You want to make sure they are useful while still fitting in the budget. Of course, you don t want the ordinary favors. You want it to be unique and personalized. Read our list below from 20 in expensive and favored ideas.

H af and held fans Cool down your guests while leaving a lasting impression. Fans are great for outdoor receptions during the hot months.

Personalized Lip Balm Some balms have medicinal benefits, while others have a great fragrances. There are many kinds of balm you can choose from, so pucker up.

Photo Albums You can expect your guests to take tons of photos at your wedding reception. Why not help them store their photos in a custom album with your name and date on it. These are also a nice favor if you get a photo booth rental.

Colored Candies These are probably the most common favor at receptions. Everyone has a sweet tooth, so give them a reason t af o indulge after the meal.

Lottery Tickets Okay, this one might be out there, but you are spending the money right? Why not make your guests lucky. This works well with casino themed receptions. Who knows, they might even donate their winnings to your honeymoon!

DIY Garden This is a great favor for spring celebrations. It goes with the time of the year, and is a fun treat. Families will look forward to tak af ing their gift home and start growing their little seeds.

Glass Coasters Another simple wedding favor, that can be personalized many ways. You can have a designed custom etched into the coaster. Check out websites online to see what is available.

Bottles of Wine Are you a big wino? If so, then why not share your interests with your friends and family. You can have custom labels designed to match your wedding invites. You might even be able to setup an appointment to visit a winery and help make the wine yourself!

Wine Charms This is an inexpensive way to decorate your wine glass. People will use these at wine parties, you can even create them yourself. Have a variety of designs and share them with your guests

Scented Soaps and Lotions This is a relaxing way to treat your guests. Give them an experience they can take home with them.

Scented Candles Everyone can use a candle at their home. Candles help warm a space up while giving a nice vibe. They do not have to be big candles, but just the right size to fit on a small coffee table.

Comfy Slippers Comfort is key! Seriously, who wouldn t turn down an inviting pair of slippers. Try to keep to neutral colors.

Giant Lollipops Those old time movies always have a huge lollipop, why not your wedding. You could choose from a variety of flavors. Have fun with choosing a way to display them on the tables.

Wedding Bubbles W af ould you want to have your guests create a dramatic grand entrance? How about an encore farewell with a bubble exit. Bubbles make a dramatic backdrop in your photos, so give your photographer something to shoot.

Custom Coffee and Cocoa This favor is similar to wine, except you don t have to be 21 to enjoy it. Most couples drink coffee in the morning, so this favor will be put to good use.

Mint Tin This is another favor seen at many receptions. Almost every favor website sells mint tins. Since the mint is conveniently stored, you can easily put the tin in your purse or pocket for later.

Quote Book Inspire your guests with quotes from influential people. You could even create a couple quotes yourself and pass on some words of wisdom.

Jar of Jam This is another favor that works well with spring and summer. You could make the jam yourself! I have personally seen this done before, and guests enjoyed their gift.

Photo Booth Ditch the ordinary and embrace the fun. You can skip favors and instead have a photo booth at your wedding reception. Encourage guests to take photos throughout the night. They will look forward to taking their strip of the photos home with them. This is by far one of the most popular favors on this list!


20 Ways to Reduce Plastic Use

Plastic has become ubiquitous and unfortunately has infiltrated the most unexpected places. You can barely get through one aisle of the store without being bombarded by plastic packaging, but have you ever thought about the microbeads in facial cleansers? Those are made of plastic. Even chewing gum contains plastic.

What the big deal, you ask?

Plastic never goes away. It photo degrades into smaller and smaller particles until its small enough to absorb toxins and be gobbled up by fish in the ocean. Pl af astic litter often starts on land and ends up in our waterways where it kills an estimated 100,000 marine mammals each year.[1] So, how bad is it? It is estimated that each year 1 trillion plastic bags and 30 million plastic water bottles are thrown away. [2] [3]

Ways you can reduce plastic use

At the store

1. Bring reusable bags while shopping. Store reusable bags in your car so you don forget to bring them with you. Ladies, keep a foldable bag in your purse so you always have one on you.

2. Buy powdered detergent instead of liquid. Powered detergent gets the job done without the extra waste.

3. Purchase liquids in glass containers. Consider buying peanut butter, juice and oils in glass bottles.

4. Buy items in paper boxes, cartons and bags. Some examples of products in paper are tortilla chips, milk, and orange juice.

5. Take advantage of the bulk bins. Bring a thin reusable produce bag and buy granola, beans, grains and nuts in bulk.

6. Avoid frozen foods. Most frozen foods come in plastic packaging.

7. Get your meat from the butcher section. Have the butcher wrap the meat in paper. It the same meat as the pre packaged meats but you can decide how much you want.

At Work

8. Pack your lunch in a reusable container. Bringing a sandwich? Use a container instead of a sandwich baggie.

9. Bring reusable utensils to work. While you at it, throw a fork in your lunch bag.

10. Use a reusable water bottle instead of the plastic disposable cups attached to the water cooler.

At a Restaurant or Cafe

11. Bring a reusable coffee cup to cafes. Most mainstream coffee shops will give you a personal cup discount.

12. Grabbing lunch to go? Bring a reusable water bottle. Skip the calories from soda and save some plastic by getting water from the soda fountain.

13. Stop us af ing straws. They a waste of time.

At Home

14. Have a Keurig coffee machine at home? Consider using a reusable K cup that way you can control the strength of your coffee and even mix flavors!

15. Light a candle instead of using a plug in air freshener. Save plastic and electricity!
af r>16. Give up smoking. Yet another reason! Cigarettes not only contain plastic but are the most common piece of litter found on the be af ach. Next time you walking your dog on the beach be careful Fido doesn eat a cigarette butt!

17. Give up gum. After WWII, scientists discovered a way to make a synthetic rubber, which was eventually used to replace natural rubber in chewing gum. Try eating a mint instead of chewing gum.

18. Use bar soap instead of liquid body wash.

19. Use facial cleansers without microbeads. Instead, look for cleansers with apricot pits and other natural exfoliates.

20. Start a compost. Less trash means less trash bags. Also, instead of throwing away scraps in the garbage disposal, composting can also save water.

It is understandably difficult to remove all plastics from your life but small changes and adopting maybe one of these suggestions at a time can have an impact. Have any more ideas on how to reduce plastic use? Leave a comment and share them!